Top Tips For Decorating Tough Spaces From Expert Bloggers!

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Do you have a difficult space to pull together and not sure where to start or what to do?  I’ve got an amazing group of top bloggers who had this very problem AND shared how they solved their design dilemmas!  Check out all of their toughest spaces and their best tips on how to work with them!

The Fab Experts!!

Nicole Corr  of  Green Isle Landscaping

The most challenging space to decorate in our home was my daughters room, it has evolved as she has grown. My husband and I have had different ideas about how to decorate the room, but to be fair it is our daughters room and I do feel we needed to listen to her and watch her function in the room to figure out how to position her furniture and all her toys.  She was a miracle, and we were blessed with a lot of gifts which were overwhelming and unexpected. So she has always had a lot of stuff.  Storage is now under control as is her play area and toy dressing table as my daughter loves books, singing, dancing, dressing up, painting, drawing, dolls, doctors and makeup.  I am in love with dolls houses and have included these in her collection.

Susanne Stewart of  Life on Pearl Street

The room I had the most trouble decorating was our new family room addition. It is 20ft by 30ft. It is huge! You would think that would make it easier, but in reality it is just as hard as doing a small space. Large spaces need to be broken down into zones. We have our seating area to watch tv and behind that area is a another area with an antique table that is currently being used as a desk (while the grandlittles are occupying my office). We have two sofas facing each other to invite conversation when we have company and they are pulled away from the walls to create a cozy seating area. With such a large area you have to balance having enough decor so that it doesn’t look empty or echo and not too much so that it gets cluttered. The walls are long, and even with the windows it has been challenging to fill them. It is important to create a focal point so built in bookshelves take up one whole wall where the tv is and there is a secondary focal point with a gallery wall of family pictures on another long run of wall. It is my favorite room in the whole house and we spend the majority of our time there.

Jessica Devlin  of Jessica Devlin Design

The most difficult place for me to decorate was my last kitchen. That’s because I hated it and no matter how I tried to fancy it up it was not going to make me love it. The best thing I ever did to that house was gut the kitchen, change the layout and get all new cabinets. It dramatically changed the look and feel of that entire house and I loved it so much. I cried and hugged my kitchen island the day I moved. Even though I was moving into a much bigger place, with a much bigger yard, I knew I would miss that kitchen.

Sarah Foote  of The Project Pile

I would have to say that my most challenging space to decorate was probably our dining room. It’s off of our kitchen and you have to walk through it to get to the living area. Since this room has to double as a walkway, it was a little tricky to make completely functional while still having pathways large enough to walk through without tripping or without stubbing your toe. I’ve tried many different pieces of furniture in there over the years, and I think that I’ve finally got the layout to be pretty close to perfect! Our table in this room is in the shape of a rectangle, and it is actually thin enough that I have enough room for a buffet on one side of the room, and a window bench on the other side. Since we have a covered porch around the front of our house, the dining room also happens to be one of the darker spaces in our home. In order to help combat this, I covered the bottom half of our walls with a white textured wallpaper. It really helped to lighten up the room. I also added a mirror here or there to help reflect the light around… One on the top of my buffet, a simple framed mirror hanging on the wall, and a subtler mirror that functions as a wall sconce for candles. I also used shear white curtains for my window treatments, to help keep everything nice, light and airy looking.

Kim Boes of ReinventedKB

I think my most challenging space to decorate has been our family room. Because I spend so much time there, I have tried out every one of my style whims before finally settling on our modern farmhouse style, so it has spent a lot of time in transition. Because I love to decorate so much, I dreamt of a space with a pile of beautiful accent pillows on the couch, and perfectly placed accessories on the coffee table, but struggled with the fact that my perfect things were constantly out of place, or dusty and covered in dog hair. 😉 Simplifying the room by clearing off surfaces and actually removing the accent pillows (they are all on my bed now! ;)) calmed the room and my mind and saved my poor family from my constant nagging to keep it perfect.

Christy Harper of The Harper House

My most challenging space to decorate was the living room in our previous home. It was long and narrow and also served as a walkway to get to the kitchen. We maximized space by creating a cozy seating arrangement with a love seat and sofa and then placed the television on a dresser directly across from the sofa. The dresser served as extra storage too, holding dvds and games. We anchored the space with an area rug and added lots of texture with soft fluffy pillows, wire baskets, green plants, and books.

Pam List of MommaCan

Hands down the tiny laundry room. It is a walk through from the garage and spare family room, is cramped and is basically a wall of cabinets, an old tile counter top, and the washer and dryer set. My tip for cramped spaces that have tons of activity is light-colored paint and good lighting. I am looking forward to tackling this space in the near future.

Sam Franklin of A Happy Home in Holland

The most challenging space in our home was definitely our bathroom. This is purely because of the size of it, I think we officially have the smallest bathroom ever! It is only 2 meters x 1.75 meters so we were very limited as to what we could do.  We opted for just a single shower cubicle and a small narrow sink and cupboard unit that is hung on the wall. Because the cupboard unit is raised off the floor it helps to give the illusion of more space. We also kept the décor very plain with white tiled walls and grey floor tiles.

Emy Flint of Semi Gloss Design

I struggle with my children’s rooms. I want to give them beautiful rooms that will grow with them. My daughter’s tastes seem to change every year, so I really struggle with her room. They’re both in the pre-teen/teen years so they’re still in between being big kids and little kids. The rooms are not complete. They’re summer projects.

Yami Platero of The Latina Next Door

My family room has been and still is my hardest room to decorate. This is probably because instead of spending time actually decorating it, I have spent time living in it (which is not a bad thing). But it does have kind of a weird layout. The most “aesthetic” thing to do with the TV was put it over the fireplace, but it was just too high to for the kids to watch comfortably so we moved it to the wall next to it. We used to have a sectional, but it was just taking up too much space, so we swapped it out for a couch and loveseat and now the space doesn’t feel so cramped. There is one really long wall across from the fireplace and I have added a gallery of family pictures to it to personalize it and fill it up. It’s still a work in progress, but the best advice I can give is to try something out for a while and if it doesn’t work, you can always change it. In addition do not pressure yourself to have every single space in your house perfectly decorated – it’s totally okay if you don’t.

Jennifer Gainer of Jenron-Designs

I think for me it has been my family room, mainly because of the scale of the room and the fact that it is a open concept. This is my first home with the open concept layout, which means everything must work together. I can not long have multiple one color stories going in the separate room. There must be a good flow and continuity for these spaces. The scale is a challenge since I want the room to look furnished, but not just by throwing a large sectional sofa in the room and calling it day. I decided to take a cue from hotel lobby spaces with multiple seating groups different sets of chairs but all with a cohesive feel.

Denise Bryant of My Thrifty House

The most challenging space to decorate in my home is my living room because it is so long with large windows on each end, two doors to enter the room on one side and a long wall on the other side. I do have a large family so we purchased a huge 9 piece sectional off of Craig’s List. It can be configured in various layouts and it seats 15 people. Above the couch I created a gallery on the really long wall with some frames, pictures and pieces of art. I also broke up the room into a couple of seating areas so there are more places to sit besides the sectional.

Susie Kuc of Tiny House Giant Life

Master bedrooms tend to be the hardest for me because of the need for both partners to be equally represented for balance. First, figure out the layout of the room regardless of exactly what goes in it. Then, decide on what the style mixture is going to be (mid-mod & traditional, industrial & floral) how vastly different doesn’t matter. Finally, pick or DIY pieces that represent one of those styles only a tiny bit but not overwhelmingly. So a clean lined dresser with angled feet for the mid mod and a clean lined traditional wall sconce for next to the bed. Nothing in the room will scream for attention and the items will blend together nicely just like the couple in love.

Sam Hay of Raggedy-Bits

   A room just off our kitchen which was to small for our dining room table. It is separated by the kitchen bench with like a high wall but your still able to see over the top of it. So we decided to make this into an informal area with some single arm chairs a coffee table, book shelf and a side board. It’s my favorite spot to sit and read!

Liz Elliott of Franc and Eli

  We have a weird room in my house that is sort of part of the kitchen but also where everyone watches TV, etc. It is small and has a weird shape – we used a floating island to separate it from the kitchen and put a couch up against that to make it feel more like its own room and create some additional “wall” space against the island.

My Toughest Space was…….

  My ORC space was the toughest to date.  The size of the room was only 64 sq ft and had NO windows/natural light.  I solved those issues by being picky with the furnishings and choosing a comfy but super stylish sofa that was the correct size for the space.  Instead of a coffee table I used 2 small side tables together with minimal bases to keep it feeling open.  I used an acrylic bookshelf which gave me storage without feeling heavy.  And an old ladder which I used as shelving, it had a small footprint but gave me style and a spot for my vintage books.  I broke with traditional thought and went big and bold on the walls. With such a small space I wanted major impact and instead of going the tiny equals light color route I went black on the main wall with a rustic wood ceiling and blush pink on the other 3 walls. The black draws your eye up to the wood ceiling which makes it feel bigger! The blush pink goes beautifully with the black while keeping it fresh feeling. For light I went with an oversize chandelier that had 8 lights on a dimmer, this way it feels much brighter yet you can tone it down if you choose to.  I’m very happy with how it all came together.  It’s now a fun, interesting, beautiful and comfortable space.

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It’s Summertime and the Feelin is Right…

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Since it’s finally summer,  (kinda, we had all 4 seasons of weather in 7 days, including a blizzard with 8 inches of snow just last week) I thought I would put together some super cute finds to spruce up your outdoor spaces!  Patio, porches and pots oh my!


If you’re in the market for new outdoor furniture you have one big decision to make first, wood or wicker.  Much of this choice comes down to personal style and preference but if you like both and are on the fence I’ll give you my 2 cents.  I have had both, a cheap $350 wicker set from Walmart and our current wood set from Ikea.  We had the wicker set for 5 years before selling it (we needed something much bigger for our patio in this house).  That set survived everything.  We never brought it inside for the winter, it was snowed, rained and hailed on, withstood constant abuse from our young kids and dogs and barely faded in the intense Colorado sun.  It looked dang near good as new 5 years in.

Here’s a cute set from World Market.  The taupe grey color is neutral without being boring and the wooden legs give it some style flair.

World Market Marina Del Ray outdoor home decor patio furniture tips

All Weather Wicker Marina Del Ray Occasional Bench (sofa) on sale right now for $419.99

All Weather Wicker Marina Del Ray Occasional Chair on sale for $279.99

All Weather Wicker Marina Del Ray Coffee Table on sale for $125.99

Now the Ikea set (which consists of a sectional, 2 ottomans and 2 chaise loungers) I have mixed feelings about.  Wood, even if you buy expensive outdoor wooden furniture is going to need refinishing or freshening up, it’s inevitable and unavoidable.  It faded immensely even after the first summer then we made the mistake of leaving it outside for 1 winter and it looked like junk after.  We have been bringing it all inside ever since, which is a lot of work especially given how many pieces there are and how much space you need to store it all.  I love the versatility of it though as it’s a configure it how you want it style.  If I was purchasing all over again I think I would go for wicker, just for the low maintenance. (check out the post on how we painted all of our Ikea furniture here)  With all of that being said, if you are ok with the maintenance and inevitability of refinishing or painting in the future go for the wood!

Here’s what we have from Ikea (we have several pieces to be able to reconfigure it)

Ikea Applaro outdoor home decor patio decorating tipsThe Applaro Sofa which is priced at $465

Another option you might want to consider is metal.  Yes metal!  And you can find it in amazing styles like this one from Wayfair.

Wayfair Elle Decor Sectional outdoor home decor patio decorating tips

The Elle Decor Paloma Sectional (priced at $889.99) is sleek and clean but classic.  And with the metal frame it should last forever.

 Accessories/Throw Pillows:

Now it’s time for the accessories!!  I’ve made no secret in the past that my absolute fave place for outdoor pillows and rugs is World Market.  Why?  Because my experience has been that their stuff lasts.  The sun here is intense and pillows, cushions, rugs, etc tend to fade and fade fast.  I have pillows (from WM) from years ago I STILL use because they look that good!  If you are going to invest in these things why not get something that will last?

An added bonus, World Market is having a 15% off sale + free shipping until 5/29 so now is a great time to pick up some freshness!

world market floral embroidered outdoor pillow decor home outdoor decorating tips

Floral Embroidered Lumbar

These fab floral embroidered pillows (lumbar pillow here and throw pillow) are gorgeous and luxe with the embroidery and bold patterns.  They are indoor/outdoor so you can bring them in and use them in the house too!

world market floral embroidered throw pillow outdoor home decor patio decorating tips

Floral Embroidered Throw Pillow

World Market bird embroidered outdoor throw pillow home decor patio decorating tips

Here’s a lovely bird pillow (also from WM)

I could go on and on with cute pillows from there but I’ll spare you and just give ya one more.

world market outdoor green esmaralda pillow home decor patio decorating tips

This is the Green Esmerelda Outdoor Pillow, love the bold hue with the beautiful pattern.

 In case patterns aren’t your thing, they have tons of solid color pillows too (including black!!). I love mixing and matching for a fun custom look.

There is a plethora of colorful pots and wreaths for great prices to be found at TJMaxx, Home Goods, thrift stores and Marshalls. Never underestimate the aesthetic value of a beautiful pot!  BUT don’t forget the tops of your tables or the “walls!”

world market set of burlap flags outdoor home decor patio decorating tips

This set of 2 burlap flags ($15.98) is from World Market and they give a cool vintage, patriotic vibe.

world market set of 3 painted metal bugs outdoor home decor patio decorating tips

Or these absolutely ADORBS set of 3 metal painted bugs ($35.97)

world market large sleeping buddha statue decor home outdoor patio decorating tips

This  Large Sleeping Buddha Statue ($99.99) is a global and cultural piece, which will add some extra interest to your space.   At 3 1/2 feet wide it would look great on a large outdoor table, on the edge of a patio or deck, or in your garden.


Of course, every cozy and inviting outdoor space has an outdoor rug.  So many great places to shop for these but my top faves are World Market, RugsUSA, Target and Home Goods. (In that order)

world market gabriella outdoor rug home decor patio outdoor decorating tips

Here’s a lovely fresh summery rug from World Market called the Orange Gabriella Rio Floor Mat, in a 6×9 it’s a steal at $31.99.  It’s a plastic material but it’s very soft to walk on.  When it gets wet you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew and you can layer with this because buying a second rug won’t seem like a biggie when you only pay $31.99!!  Big bang for your buck.

world market peacock rug outdoor patio decorating home decor tips

This is another great one, the Peacock and Stripe Reversible Rug (WM) you get 2 for 1 since you can flip it on over for another design!  Who doesn’t like options?  Right now it’s on sale for $103.99!

target kaleen lobster rug home decor outdoor patio decorating tips

A cute little mat for your door is the Kaleen Rugs Matira Lobster Indoor/Outdoor for $43.99 (for a 2×3) from Target.  It adds some whimsy and color to your entrance.  Target also sells larger sizes of this rug if you love it for a living or dining area!!

patio home decor outdoor sectional sofa decorating tips

Part of our patio as it currently is; all the pillows and rug are World Market, sectional sofa is from Ikea (look for my post on painting it!), blue chairs, stool/side tables and lanterns are from Home Goods, fire table and gray pedestal table are from the RH Outlet.

Outdoor spaces should be fun and inviting, where you can entertain or just hang out.  I’m going to be spending a bit of time freshening things up here and when I do, you’ll be the first to see it with a patio update post!!  If you don’t want to miss it, hit up the subscribe over there and you’ll get it sent right to your email when it goes up.  Happy Summer Everybody!!



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Build Your Own Furniture?! Yes You Can!

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Did you know we built our own farmhouse dining table?  We did along with with several other items like beds, daybed and a console table (our boys’ bunks were built by friends of ours using the the same resource).

farmhouse table ghost chairs chandelier dining room home decor pink rug diy anthropologie mural

But how did we know how to go about it?  All the wood pieces, what size to cut and how to assemble?  My secret weapon folks.  I discovered this site many many years ago when we needed furniture and didn’t have much money to buy it.  Her (yes it’s a her which makes it that much more awesome) name is……Ana White and she’s a total rockstar.

farmhouse table ghost chairs chandelier dining room home decor diy

She has plans for just about everything you could want to build and once you get the hang of it you can alter it however you want for additional size or style.  She lays it ALL out in an easy: to buy list, cut list and step by step assembly instructions.  Trust me, if you have 2 thumbs and trouble measuring you can STILL do this!!

farmhouse table ghost chairs chandelier dining room home decor diy

The hubs and I built things together after the kids went to bed, it was kind of like a date night without going anywhere (and we were in grub clothes covered in sawdust, but hey?!)  It’s really fun once you get the hang of it and it’s super personalized since it’s built by the use of your own hands (and  the ability for you to pick color,  alter the size, etc.)

farmhouse table ghost chairs chandelier dining room home decor pink rug diy anthropologie mural

Check her site out here, you can thank me later.

Check out my instagram page!!  I post new shots every day and I have some of the awesome daybed that we built on there too! Or hit up the subscribe on the sidebar o’er there for posts sent right to you when they go live.

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ORC #6: The Mom’s Oasis REVEAL, MIND BLOWN!!

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It’s the time you have all been waiting for…….the final reveal of this 6 week long process/journey to take a space from blah to ta da!  You’ve followed along through the steps (here’s a recap ORC 1, ORC 2, ORC 3, ORC 4, ORC 5) from design to completion and today is the big day where I am FINALLY sharing with you the amazeballs, knock your socks off,  who wants to move in…….Mom’s Oasis!

Remember this??  This is what it looked like when we started.  Flat brown paint on every surface, horrible craft paint stained and hot glue  clumped carpet.


Drumroll please……

NOW!! Looking into the room from the doorway, this is what you see!!

home decor diy one room challenge design interior design pink sofa caviar sherwin williams

I am so in love with this room now, before I avoided it like the plague.  The blush pink walls, the pop of black with the artwork, I could go on and on.  What do you think?  Huge improvement, amiright?!

home decor diy design interior design caviar black sherwin williams pink velvet sofa

Or how about this shot??

Here we are folks!  Same wall!  Starting from left to right from the door, below is my old ladder that we mounted to the wall.  I wanted to use it to act as a bookshelf for some of my vintage book collection (it grows every time I go to a flea or antique shop).  It worked out better than I had hoped it would!

ladder bookshelf pink velvet sofa caviar black diy design interior design home decor

I love having these books all over the house and this space was no exception.  In fact I made it my mission to find some especially for this room.

ladder bookshelf vintage home decor diy interior design

Of course, I had to have a great close up shot to share with you of my beloved pink velvet beautiousness that is the sofa (it is SO comfy you guys I can’t even)  I picked up a few throw pillows (from Home Goods, could there be another for such loveliness?!) in cream with brass and gold accents.  The sequin one second from the right actually turns the same blush pink depending on how the sequins are laying, the other way is gold.  (kind of fun to draw on) And of course I had to have a pretty powder blue throw blanket with detailing!

pink velvet sofa throw pillows decor home interior design one room challenge

Here is the incredible art from MC at Copper Corners (girl you are the bomb, this piece is ahhmazing). (Check out my ORC #5 post for a link to her Etsy shop to order your own artwork!!)

decor home interior design pink velvet sofa caviar black sherwin williams copper corners art

I decided to use 2 small side tables placed together for a coffee table, since space in here is SO limited I like having the option to move them around with ease.  Brass legs with white glass tops complement the sofa without detracting from it.  On top of them I have an old brass bowl I found at a local flea market, a teal with gold trim box and one of my vintage books.  (and can I get a WHAA?!! for the floor!  you can really see it here!)

diy decor home decor interior design anthropologie metallic effects floor

This is an old marble lamp (I also found this at a local flea market) with a shade I already had stored in the basement.  The neat side table is made from reclaimed wood (also from Home Goods).  It’s small so it doesn’t take up much of a footprint, ties in with the old wooden ladder and wood ceiling and nicely contrasts the more modern clean lined side/coffee tables, sofa and bookcase.

vintage marble lamp reclaimed stool home decor interior design pink velvet sofa

The acrylic and brass bookcase.  Can I get an amen?! It’s not too big and it doesn’t take up space visually since it’s clear. Like floating shelves with a beautiful brass detail.  I have some personal things I wanted to have around me for inspo (since I plan to work in here as well as relax).  I used brass and glass frames, a couple of vintage pieces as well as some fun ones too.

diy one room challenge acrylic bookshelf metallic effects floor home decor interior design

Here’s the wall opposite the sofa before.

And NOW!!

2 doors (1 closet the other entry) meant no usable space, BUT I found these super cute concrete with brass hangers (of course at Home Goods, seriously HG call me!  The hubs thinks I single handedly keep them in business, he’s probably right!) and thought they would be the perfect little detail to hang here.  I may put some fresh or faux flowers in them at some point.  Or I could use them for pens, colored pencils, etc.

diy home decor interior design acrylic bookshelf ladder blush pink

home decor interior design

Here’s a shot from the closet door, a different angle.

home decor interior design diy pink velvet sofa anthropologie caviar black weaber wood chandelier

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the floor yet, but you can see glimpses of it in several of these pictures.  It really looks incredible and acts as it’s very own character without overtaking anything else.  I’m so thrilled with the way it came out.

blush pink diy acrylic bookshelf anthropologie marble lamp home decor interior design

I had to get a shot of the upper half of the room too.  The ceiling turned out absolutely stunning and paired with the chandy it’s the perfect balance of rustic meets glam/vintage, I seriously just lay in here and stare at it sometimes.

diy weaber lumber chandelier blush pink home decor interior design caviar black

There we have it!  I think this might be my new favorite room in the house with all of it’s whopping 64ish sq ft.  It’s been an incredible experience participating in this challenge and I sincerely can’t thank Linda at Calling It Home enough for including all of us as guest participants.  I am already looking forward to my next ORC challenge project this fall.

pink velvet sofa home decor interior design weaber lumber chandelier copper corners art

And thank all of you so much from the very depths of my heart for following me along on this really unique and awesome experience.  I so appreciate the encouragement and comments from you, along with all of the inspiration I’ve gotten from my fellow participants!  I hope you have enjoyed this room makeover as much as I have!

I have so many new projects in the works of my brain, which are of course all diy projects.  I’m really looking forward to sharing all of the good, bad, beautiful and the ugly with you, not to mention some kick ass tutorials along the way.  If you wanna stick around there’s the ole subscribe button on the sidebar oe’r yonder and it’ll just send ya my newest posts when they go up!



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ORC #5: Where Can I Find That?!

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Week 5 of the One Room Challenge means next week is the final reveal!  It also means that this week I’m sharing sources for the increable (my best french accent here) Mom’s Oasis pieces, juuuusssst in case you may want to have yourself a luscious pink velvet sofa or incredibly sophisticated yet modern acrylic and brass bookshelf, or perhaps a rustic ladder or amazeballs one of a kind piece of art to adorn your walls.   I’m sharing it all, right here, right now with all of you lovely peeps!  (In case you want to catch up with what I’ve been up to leading to this week here are the links for my ORC #1, ORC #2, ORC #3 and last week’s ORC #4 or you can hit up the ORC section in the category list to the right)

Ahh, let’s begin with the moodboard and break it on down, break it, break it, break it on down.  (some weird rap thing happening right now)

moodboard mom room living room pink sofa wood ceiling chandelier metallic floor decor home decor diy

I shared all about the  centerpiece of my design (next to the art), the lovely pink sofa and where I found her in ORC week 2, but since Home Goods is a  ya just get lucky kind of shopping, I found a couple of viable very similar options for you!


pink velvet sofa home decor mid century modern

First up is this lovely that has the same style and shape with the blush pink velvet upholstery and tufting in the back.  It’s from Home Thangs here is a direct link and at $1320 was the most reasonably priced I found.

anthropologie slub velvet mina sofa pink mid century modern decor home decor tufted

This epic gorgeousness is the Slub velvet Mina Sofa from Anthropologie in Rosewood (or blush pink) velvet.  It’s got a steeper price tag at $2798, but equally delectable qualities like sumptious velvet, stunning but subtle brass legs and of course the tufting.  tufting gets me EVERY TIME.


copper corners artwork decor home decor

The artwork was an essential component to my design, it was the perfect compliment to the sofa but with some serious contrast at the same time.  This piece is a one of a kind from my girl Mary-Catherine at Copper Corners (you can find her Etsy shop here).   You can commission your own one of a kind art or buy prints and pillows! This is my second piece from her and definitely not my last.


Ok, don’t shoot me but same thing applies here as the sofa.  I stumbled on this shelf at a Home Goods in s. Denver and it was on clearance, for a  ridiculously minimal $199. I know, could I have a bigger horseshoe you know where?!  But here are 2 of the same bad boy shelf that I found online for you!

wayfair etagere bookcase home decor office living shelving

The fabulous acrylic and brass accent bookshelf.  This is the Etagere Bookshelf from Wayfair it measures 63″ high and 30 wide.  It’s currently on sale for $1,189.99

gilt hayley by safavieh bookcase shelving office living home decor

Then there’s this one on the little bit cheaper side for $949 from Gilt.com, it’s called the Hayley Bookshelf by Safavieh Couture.

The ladder is one I found at a traveling flea market, it’s old and imperfect which makes it perfect.  Flea markets, antique stores, garage sales and craigslist are all good resources for finding a great old ladder.  If you don’t have any of those locally or don’t have the time to scour for the perfect ladder try Etsy!  There are several great options in various sizes and prices.

world market ladder home decor accessories

This one is from World Market (if you’re a WM member you often get free shipping coupons!) and is currently $59.99.


I found my wood side table at Home Goods (of course) and don’t have a good source for you for that one.  It’s made from old wood so I would use the same sources as the ladder.    I also picked up my 2 brass and white glass side tables/coffee table at Home Goods (seriously somebody should let them know I’m kind of obsessed with them and they pretty much set me up for this space aaaannnnnd the rest of my house), although I did find you a ridiculous stand in and if budget had allowed……

 west elm hex side table home decor

This is the hex side table in antique brass with a white marble top from West Elm.  Currently priced at $199 but check for sales, lots happening there right now!


overstock french empire chandelier home decor lighting

The French Empire Chandelier from Overstock, this is the chandy I used in the room and it looks gorgeous.  I highly recommend it for a vintage, glam, blingy look without the cost.  It’s priced at $261.12 but it’s only on sale for a couple more days!!


anthropologie whorled trapunto rug home decor

It’s the Whorled Trapunto Rug from Anthropologie, but sadly it’s no longer available.

I have had this rug for several years now and I adore it.  It was previously in this room when it was a “guest room” (check out ORC #1 for the deets).  When this project and design came along I knew it would be perfect for the space, not to mention saving a few bucks by trying to use what I already have right?!

rugsusa tuscan trellis rug home decor

Here’s a great substitute, it’s from RugsUSA .  It’s the Tuscan Trellis rug in gold.  It’s got a mustard color with the similar raised cream  colored bold pattern (although not floral) just like the Anthro rug.  This one is a 5×8 and is $660 but watch for sales, they do them often and up to 90% off with free shipping.

All of the pillows, accessories, books and vintage marble lamp I found through Home Goods, local flea markets and around the house.   Accessorizing is important, it brings the whole design to a complete and finished look, kind of like a cake wouldn’t be pretty without the frosting?!  All of those things bring the whole look together.

  I am BEYOND excited, over the moon, happy dancing, booty shaking thrilled to share with you all the final result of this process.  It is really something my friends.  I hope you come back next week to check it all out!  And don’t forget to click on the ole subscribe button over there on the sidebar if you want to be sure you don’t miss it.  It will be sent to you directly in your inbox (and it’s free, I promise!)

 Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you all next week!!!  And don’t forget to check out the other super amazing participants of the ORC here.  I am loving following along with the incredible projects and transformations that are happenin.

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ORC #4 A Metallic Effects Gem Floor!!

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Now that this amazing challenge is 3/4 of the way through, I’ve just been having so much fun with the whole experience.  A big shout out to Linda at Calling It Home for hosting this incredible event and for inviting peeps like me to participate.  If this is your first visit you can catch up with what I’ve been up to; here are links to week 1 the design, week 2 paint colors, and last week’s #3 the wood ceiling and chandy install!

On to the fun part!  I’m beyond stoked about how this flooring project turned out.  I had originally planned on doing this treatment to our master bedroom floor last fall, so I already had all of the supplies on hand.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, I was the most looking forward to this project!

We began (in week 2) by ripping out the carpet and underlayment to reveal the concrete subfloor.  We were left with tack strips around the perimeter of the room only adhered with nails into the floor.  We went around and popped all of those up and made sure to remove all nails.

We followed that up by thoroughly sweeping and then vacuuming the floor to make sure we had a good clean surface to work with.

The products we are using are the Modern Masters Metallic Effects primer, MMME bronze paint, MMME copper paint, MMME blue patina, MMME green patina, hydrogen peroxide, water and MMME top coat sealer.  The patinas, water and peroxide are all in spray bottles while you just roll on the others with a paint roller.

I have used these products in previous projects, the difference being on vertical surfaces.  We did a bronze/blue patina wall in our master bedroom and a copper with blue and green patina in our family room.  So I had an idea of what I would get with the patinas but mixing them and doing it on a floor were a new experience for me.  I read this amazing tutorial from the Modern Masters blog and was going to loosely base my application on it.

DISCLAIMER:  Make sure wherever you are working and/or applying these products you have good ventilation.  The patina’s and top coat are of a particularly strong/chemical odor.   I have windows on the other side of the basement so I opened all of them and kept all doors opened to try and air some of it out but since our room is a windowless space we worked really fast.  I highly recommend fans or something along with open windows that will help you air it out, especially when you are doing such a large surface like a floor or wall.

On to the process!

As with the walls we started by applying 2 coats of primer, with an hour drying time in between.  Then we let it sit overnight, I would tell you it was to let it fully dry but that would be a lie.  It’s more like the hubs and I got into a heated battle of wall scrabble after applying the second coat, that by the time I beat him (because you know I just HAD to beat him) it was 1am.  We’re real party animals over here folks, music, wall scrabble, glass of wine, covered in paint and dust with a serious competition afoot.

The next day we were ready to apply the paint.  We started by randomly painting copper with bronze sections around the room.

We waited another hour and the hubs took over painting the second coat while I had a patina bottle in each hand and water and peroxide bottles on standby.  It’s CRITICAL you apply the patinas, water and peroxide when the second coat is wet, otherwise you won’t get the patina effect.

Here’s a shot of me duck waddling my way around the room, a spray bottle in each hand, with my stayed up til 1am playing wall scrabble then got up early and started working without coffee or a shower hair.

We worked in sections so I could amply spray everything all over the wet coat and moved our way around and out of the room.  I sprayed lots of blue and green everywhere, then came back with the water and peroxide and spritzed it around.  Then you just wait and see what happens!

The beginning of the patina process

By the next day it had patinaed beautifully and we were ready for the sealing top coats.

modern masters metallic effects floor decor diy home decor concrete design interior design gem

I applied the first coat 50/50 water and sealer as per the instructions on the can.

diy modern masters metallic effects floor gem geode teal concrete decor home decor design interior copper bronze patina

This is after 1st coat of 50/50 sealer and water, still wet.

Waited for that to dry enough I could walk on it to apply the second full strength coat.  Let it dry over the course of a couple of days to be absolutely sure it was cured and safe to walk on without ruining any of the finish.

modern masters metallic effect floor copper bronze patina concrete diy decor home decor design interior design

This is after second coat of full strength sealer, still sticky.

Here is the final product!  I wasn’t going for the gem geode look but teal, blue and green are my favorite colors so I wanted lots of that and very little brown.   I also didn’t want the crack/lines as used in the link I shared above, so I didn’t do those.

modern masters metallic effects floor diy decor home design interior design copper bronze patina concrete

Final result!

If I do it again (which I KNOW I will at some point), I think I will try to mix more of the copper and bronze with the peroxide and water to get a more mixed look, although it mixed nicely here more mixing would be awesome.  That’s the beauty of using these products, you can get so many different effects just by how you apply everything!

modern masters metallic effects floor home decor interior design copper bronze diy patina conrete

We finished it last week right before the new chandy install, so just ignore that teensy one, mkay!

Next week I’m sharing with you, all of the pieces I am using in the room including some sources of where you can find the same or similar items!  Then it’s the week we’ve all been waiting for, the final reveal, only 2 more weeks to go!!!

Don’t forget to check out what all of the other participants have been up to the last week, some awesomsauce projects happening!

And if you’re interested in following me along, hit up the subscribe button on the sidebar over there it’s totally free!



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WWTD Dilemna: Bar Cabinet Or……

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Hey all, I’m back with another round of What Would Tina Do!  I have a tendency to think outside of the (wine) box , which is where this idea sprouted from (not a box per se I’m a more bottle girl).  Anyway see a need, figure out a creative solution to fit the need! In this case what to do with all of our barware?

Before kitchen reno, bar area

When we were renovating our kitchen 2 years ago (check out my kitchen series posts starting here)  we were eliminating our butlers pantry by opening up that wall to make it a bar space looking into our family room.

bar kitchen DIY renovation home decor boxcar countertop

Now it looks like this

Eliminating this wall left us with a small wall at the entry into the kitchen as our only option that made sense to put all of our, now homeless, barware.

It’s the little wall on the left right before the archway.  You can see how small it is with the wall ending on the left and the arch on the right.

But because of the size of the wall, putting cabinets on it didn’t make any sense and would make it feel disjointed.  I knew we needed something to hold all of our stuff so I began searching for a stand alone cabinet that would fit here, add another design element all while serving as a functional piece.

What I thought would be an easy task turned out not to be so easy.  Every cabinet I looked at was too tall, too short, too wide, too deep or too expensive.  Frustration ensued while I began brainstorming other solutions.

One particular visit to the RH Outlet (during a big sale, of course!) I had an idea to look at bathroom cabinets, yes BATHROOM cabinets!  They were taller than regular bar cabinets, skinnier and about the right depth.

We found a really pretty one that would compliment the kitchen cabinets and bring some warmth with the light wood tone, the dimensions were right and it was seriously marked down.   It was a bit of a risk but I was relatively sure it would work.

We brought it home and installed a glasses rack we had saved from demoing our bar area.  We just cut the rack in half so we could fit the narrower cabinet, screwed it to the shelf and we had a barware cabinet!  Who needs to know it was intended for a bathroom?!

bar cabinet bathroom diy solution decor storage kitchen

Yeah, we keep some basic medicine on the top shelf we’re super classy like that.  (And the only ones who can reach it are myself, my husband and our freakishly tall 5’9  13 year old)

bar cabinet diy storage solution kitchen decor

There she is in all her lovely glory!  Works for us perfectly, the drawers hold manuals for things we want to reference regularly, along with some odds and ends things so it’s nice to have that extra storage.  Where there’s a will there’s a way I always say!

Stay tuned for the next WWTD, I’ve got an awesome solution for a jewelry display to share!  (and it’s not hooks!)

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ORC Week 3: Weathered Wood Ceiling and Chandy!

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We’re at the halfway point of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home!  As a quick recap, I shared the first week which was my design for the Mom’s Oasis here and then last week I talked about how my design came together and the paint colors I chose here.  This week I am talking about our Weaber weathered wood ceiling project and chandelier installation.  Weaber Lumber is  a company that came out with a product called Weaber Weathered Wall Boards that you can find at Home Depot.  I wanted to use it because of the variety in the color of the wood and the price!  It comes out to $2.37 sq ft, peeps it doesn’t get any better than that!!  (unless you want to disassemble and refinish actual pallets, but I’m way to lazy to do that)

EEK, I’m seriously giddy about showing you guys how this turned out!! (Does anyone even say “giddy” anymore?) Read on for how we did it and the finished product!

Here’s a shot of our ceiling before, it was already painted an awful flat brown paint.  It is recommended to paint the wall underneath where you are going to install the wood as the wood pieces aren’t perfectly straight so there will be some small gaps.  Painting the drywall underneath insures it blends in with the wood.  We opted not to paint the ceiling because of the color it already was (and saving work for ourselves was a bonus).

decor ceiling weaber installation diy wood ceiling home decor

Next up was locating and marking the studs in the ceiling.  We picked up this little trick when we did our faux beams project.  We went along the ceiling with a stud finder (already knowing which way the studs were running, based on the unfinished part of our basement nearby).  Once we located where a stud was we placed a piece of painters tape in that location on the wall, then proceeded to do this all the way across.

We had purchased 7 boxes from Home Depot to do this project.  Each box comes with a nice variation in colors so mixing and matching is super easy.  We opened up a few boxes at a time and then decided what color we wanted as we went along.

weaber weathered wall diy boards decor home decor installation interior design pallet wood ceiling

Starting at the far corner we used 2 inch brad nails with our nail gun and nailed into the stud locations on the ceiling.  If the ends of any board didn’t line up with a stud we just did one nail at an angle into the end of each board to suck it up tight to the ceiling, so the ends weren’t all saggy.

weaber lumber weathered wall boards ceiling diy installation pallet wood ceiling decor home decor reclaimed

There’s no pattern here, (although I DESPERATELY wanted one) the hubs said a big fat negatory good buddy.  We (as he reminds me) needed to recognize our limitations (I’m REALLY bad at any kind of math past your basic add, subtract, multiply, divide so angles and patterns fo’get about it) and the complicated task a pattern would be, particularly on such a small ceiling.  Alas I relented and we went with the tried and true straight boards.  I think it makes the room look bigger with the way the boards are running so kind of a happy accident?!  I didn’t want to have a bunch of little pieces on either end of the room with long boards in the middle as I was going for a more organic look.  So we cut some of the boards into random sizes to use here and there instead of going along with all big and then teensy at the ends.

weaber weathered wall boards diy ceiling installation pallet wood decor home decor reclaimed

Cutting around the light fixture was pretty straightforward, we lined up the board and measured how it would lay across the junction box in the ceiling.  Using a 3 inch hole saw we just cut a hole into the location on the board we had marked!  Easy peasy.

weaber weathered wall boards diy installation pallet wood decor home decor ceiling installation reclaimed

We didn’t waste any of the boards as we used the cut pieces in there too, in fact we ended up having almost a whole box left over.  The last row we ripped down a little bit, using a table saw, because the row left was JUST under the width of the boards.  Got em up, nailed em in and TADA, finished wood ceiling!  I’m so beyond giddy (there’s that word again!) dancing excited (seriously, imagine me waist up with those super crazy dancing legs) about how it came out that I’m planning on doing the same thing in our master bedroom tray ceiling!  So stay tuned for that project coming up when this awesomesauce project is completed!

And of course, the blingy bling that is the chandy.  It’s not the same one I used in the moodboard, although VERY similar.  Moodboard chandy was out of budget and as much as I loved it, just couldn’t swing it.  I searched all over high and low and found this one from Overstock.  It had the same shape and style I was going for and was half the price of the inspiration (not to mention being on sale at 14% off and free shipping really sweetened the deal!)

weaber weathered wall boards ceiling diy installation pallet wood decor home decor chandelier reclaimed

Hooking up all of the crystals was a bit time consuming but between myself and the hubs working on it (not to mention some tunes coming through the speakers and a nice glass of chard (of course beer for him)) it didn’t seem too bad.  Next up was wiring it and taking a big step back to admire our handiwork.

weaber weathered wall boards lumber diy ceiling installation pallet wood decor home decor reclaimed wood

And that’s our progress completed for week 3!  I’m seriously so in love with this ceiling it’s kind of unnatural.  The whole project is really starting to come together, for next week we’re doing the metallic effects floor, my last big project for this challenge!

Don’t forget to check out what all of the other amazing participants are up to this week and how their projects are coming along here.  There is some seriously fantastic stuff and a boatload of inspiration!!



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ORC Week 2: See ya Carpet, Hello Making Me Blush Pink!

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Week 2 of the fantastically awesome One Room Challenge is complete and I’m having so much fun with this project it should be illegal. (If you are interested in what the 20 featured designers are up to you can check them out here!)

We’ve been hard at work on this bad boy and I seriously am DYING to share with you the progress we’ve made so far.  Today I’m going to let you in on how the whole design came together and the paint colors I ended up choosing!

When I decided I wanted to do this space as a Mom room I had to think about what it was I really wanted in this space; how did I want it to function and feel.  Instead of overthinking it too much it occurred to me it needed to feel like, well, me! What does that mean?  Color, vintage, glam, soothing and comfy.  This was my first chance to design a room solely based on what I wanted with no restrictions from the plethora of males in our home. So I was diving in head first and my diving board was the pink sofa (similar as shown in the moodboard).  I had seen it my local Home Goods over the course of a few weeks and sighed with the adoration of one looking longingly from a distance (picture me batting my eyes and a heavy sigh) every.single.time.   Although I never seriously considered it, because I had no space for it.  This project came up and OF COURSE knew this sofa was it, I was going to design the room around it (if it was still at the store)!  Mad dash it over there THE NEXT DAY, and thank the heavens above it was there!! If that weren’t enough to jump for joy, even better still, marked down 60% off since it had been there for awhile.  BOOM!  KABOOM!   It was so VERY comfy and squishy, that combined with the luxe velvet upholstery (which I would never consider elsewhere with boys in the house), a lovely pink color and acrylic turned legs it was a match made in mom cave design heaven.  Not gonna lie, I did a mini jump, click the heels move.  The hubs just chuckles and “okay then” with a little shake of the head.


With the pink lovely as my jumping point I was already thinking black and white.  Originally wallpaper with a bold pattern, then stenciling a design, then freehand and on and on.  I was all over the map with ideas spinning through my head UNTIL my girl Mary-Catheryn (incredible artist over at Copper Corners shop on Etsy or check out her IG) had this painting I had been salivating over when I stumbled upon it again, and like lightning to a radio tower I had a flash of design genius.  That painting + pink velvet sofa = perfection.

Then it was simply a matter of narrowing down the paint colors I wanted to use, incorporate some vintage and rustic elements along with some storage and a blingy chandy.  Voila Mom’s Oasis Deign Moodboard!

On to our progress!  What paint colors have I chosen and how do they look?  That my friends is the reveal part of today’s post.  I don’t really use black as a color, to be honest it was always a bit intimidating.  It’s dark and can easily read as cold and frankly, scary.  Traditionally first thought for a tiny dark space is to use a light and bright color.  I wanted to go big or go home and push myself outside of what’s expected.  So I tottered back and forth between Behr’s Cracked Pepper and Sherwin Williams Caviar.  I had several others from BM, SW and Behr but these 2 stuck out to me.  The cracked pepper looked more deep gray and the caviar is a true black.

Freshly painted SW Caviar (looks extra shiny because it’s still wet!) You can see some of my multitude of pink swatches here too.

 I opted for the Caviar and decided on an eggshell finish.  Why an eggshell finish?  Because of the lack of natural light I wanted to have a bit of a sheen to help reflect the light from the chandy, but not so much sheen that it was wet looking ala waxed car shine, not to mention the imperfections that a high sheen paint shows.  Eggshell has a nice subtle sheen without being too flashy.  The caviar also gave me a surprising benefit, the black paint highlighted the 10 foot ceiling and made the room look BIGGER!  Amazing what some trickery with paint will do.

Oops paint on the top, SW Charming Pink on the bottom

Now for the pink.  I actually custom mixed this color!  I had tried a few SW swatches of various shades of pinks, even one that ended up reading a little purpley but I didn’t like any of them.  The one that I did like was SW Charming Pink.  In the dark room it was pink but a really light pink and looked great with the black.  BUT, I was a little nervous it looked too baby pink.  I decided to give it a try and purchase some anyway if I hated it I would re-evaluate and try something else.  While waiting for the guy at Home Depot to color match my SW Caviar and SW Charming Pink I took a gander at the oops shelf.  There sat a pretty very soft blush pink in a matte finish.  It was similar to the charming pink but warmer and softer.  The whole gallon was $9 and the guy said it was an accidental mix and wasn’t even an actual color.  I liked it so much that I thought I would try some different variations of mixing it with the Charming Pink to see if I liked it better than the CP by itself.  Took it all home and tested out the oops paint on the wall, too dark alone and not pink enough.

This is in the darker lighting of the room, you can really see the difference between the 2.  Oops on the left CP on the right.

Tried 50-50 and it was just about perfect so that’s how I rolled!  Mixed just under 50% of the oops paint with a bit more than 50% of the Charming Pink and I had the perfect soft but warm, adult blush pink color.  I’m calling it “Making Me Blush” by yours truly.  And by mixing a matte finish with an eggshell finish I still got a very subtle sheen that nicely compliments the black sheen.

My mix of Making Me Blush Pink!  More pink than the oops and wamer/softer than the CP.

My Making Me Blush Pink mix up next to the Caviar black.  The ceiling was the original color on the walls, you can see the huge difference!

And I can’t forget the fun part of ripping out the awful carpet! It was stained from craft paint spills with chunks of dried glue stuck in it. Pulling it up and getting it out of there made a big difference all by itself. The tack strips were attached to the concrete by nails only 1 or 2 per strip and were easily pulled up with a hammer.

So now you are up to speed with the freshly painted walls and clean concrete flooring ready for some beautification!

Next week I’m planning on the Weaber weathered  wood ceiling project and chandy installation.  We’re coming along nicely folks!

The other fantabulous guest participants are all linked up here, so check em out and see what progress is happenin!

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Rugs, Rugs Everywhere!!

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I am a rug fanatic, I love em all and I love em everywhere!  Rugs can be the base of your room design or a nice complement, it’s shape, size, style and colors all factor into the versatility that is the area rug.

They ground a room, which is especially important when you have an open floor plan.  The difficulty with designing an open floor plan comes when all of your furniture is divided into different “rooms” but there isn’t anything defining those spaces so it all just feels like it’s floating.   Rugs anchor it all and help provide those distinct spaces with boundaries without using walls (cause there aren’t any!). Without them in these spaces there is no definition, now if that’s the look you are going for then rock on and forget the rest of this post!  If not, let’s touch on some guidelines for rug sizes shall we?

Here I have an 8ft round on top of 2 black cowhide rugs from Ikea.  The round rug balances all of the rectangle shaped furniture and the cowhides spread out and ground the furniture while also contrasting with the round rug.  You can see the sofas and chair overlap just a little bit.

 Size of a rug depends solely on the size of the space you want a rug and how much furniture you plan to use around/on it.  First I decide how I want my furniture arranged, then pick a rug size.  Why?  Because I prefer having just part of the furniture on the rug, typically the front legs and I do this for 2 reasons.  1. It connects the space visually together and gives your eye a continuity between the floor and furniture reading as one cohesive space.  2. It keeps the rug from moving around (particularly if you have hardwoods or other slippery surface flooring).

Here’s a shot of our basement family room, there’s wall to wall carpeting down here that’s beige.  I put a big gray and cream rug here and it really adds some fun to an otherwise dull space.

 But you have carpet?  That’s ok, you can still have a rug!  Carpet doesn’t serve a design or decor purpose for most of us, it’s just for softness and comfort underfoot.  Since it’s a permanent and expensive flooring it’s the rare risk taker who goes big with it.  I’ve never seen a “pretty” carpeting, (unless you want to talk stair runners with fabulous faux print).  Keep the carpet but take advantage of the floor as an opportunity to make a statement!  Rugs can easily be switched out and/or rotated as they aren’t a permanent choice and you can find them relatively inexpensively!  So you can go big and bold with amazing pattern, bold colors, vintage or modern styles, there are so many fantastic options out there,

Now that we’ve covered that rugs are acceptable literally everywhere,  let’s talk about some pretty rugs at various price points and where to find them!

The stuff my rug dreams are made of!  This beauty is the Brilliant Poppies Rug from Anthropologie and with that epic gorgeousness comes a hefty price tag of $598 for a 5×8 and up to $$$$ for the larger sizes. One day she will be mine, either when I win the lottery or it goes on super clearance, until then my love!

More subtle and yet so luxurious and interesting is the Malachite Rug from Anthropologie.  This too is on the spendier side at $598 for a 5×8 and up.  Larger sizes are a bit less expensive than the Poppies Rug though

Love the color combo on this one and the bold graphic pattern.  This is the Hand Tufted Trellis Rug, also from Anthropologie and only currently has smaller sizes available, the largest is the 5×8 at you guessed it $598!

               Some budget friendlies are these from Overstock and RugsUSA.  This is the Nuloom Jute Chevron Rug, and an 8×10 is on sale now for $227!  Great as a stand alone or for layering!

Can’t get enough of this bright meets vintage lovely!  From RugsUSA (they always  have GREAT prices and offer free shipping!) this is the Chroma Mosaic Medallion Rug in Pink ringing in at only $321 for an 8×11!

This one is just fun and funky with subtle coloring, perfect for a more subdued space where it will add some funk without being overpowering.  From RugsUSA it’s the Thomas Paul Fabled Whale Rug and at only $150 for a 6×9 it’s an awesome price!

I would remiss if I didn’t mention and share a few from World Market, as they have a great selection at good prices.  This is the Ivory Morrocan Style Wedding Rug, a 5×8 is $229.99.  Sign up to be a WM member (it’s free!) and you get access to coupons (free shipping!) and sales AND earn $$ back on purchases.  I’ve saved so much money from it!

I have this one in my entryway and I LOVE it.  It’s so much brighter in person (check out my instagram eclectic_twist for pics of it IRL).  It’s the World Market Boho Kilim Alina area rug and a 5×8 is $199.99  (again, check out and watch for sales!! They happen often here!)

  These are just a few of the many awesome rugs available at these different sites.  A few brick and mortar stores great for rugs are of course, my always go to fave; Home Goods and Ikea is a good place to check out too!

 Happy Rug shopping!!

 As a side note, my next ORC post is coming up on Wednesday  (linked to callingithome.com on Thursday)!!  I’m sharing paint color choices and our little bit of demo (who doesn’t love tearing stuff up?!)  It’s coming along SO perfectly peeps!!


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