ORC #4 A Metallic Effects Gem Floor!!

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Now that this amazing challenge is 3/4 of the way through, I’ve just been having so much fun with the whole experience.  A big shout out to Linda at Calling It Home for hosting this incredible event and for inviting peeps like me to participate.  If this is your first visit you can catch up with what I’ve been up to; here are links to week 1 the design, week 2 paint colors, and last week’s #3 the wood ceiling and chandy install!

On to the fun part!  I’m beyond stoked about how this flooring project turned out.  I had originally planned on doing this treatment to our master bedroom floor last fall, so I already had all of the supplies on hand.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, I was the most looking forward to this project!

We began (in week 2) by ripping out the carpet and underlayment to reveal the concrete subfloor.  We were left with tack strips around the perimeter of the room only adhered with nails into the floor.  We went around and popped all of those up and made sure to remove all nails.

We followed that up by thoroughly sweeping and then vacuuming the floor to make sure we had a good clean surface to work with.

The products we are using are the Modern Masters Metallic Effects primer, MMME bronze paint, MMME copper paint, MMME blue patina, MMME green patina, hydrogen peroxide, water and MMME top coat sealer.  The patinas, water and peroxide are all in spray bottles while you just roll on the others with a paint roller.

I have used these products in previous projects, the difference being on vertical surfaces.  We did a bronze/blue patina wall in our master bedroom and a copper with blue and green patina in our family room.  So I had an idea of what I would get with the patinas but mixing them and doing it on a floor were a new experience for me.  I read this amazing tutorial from the Modern Masters blog and was going to loosely base my application on it.

DISCLAIMER:  Make sure wherever you are working and/or applying these products you have good ventilation.  The patina’s and top coat are of a particularly strong/chemical odor.   I have windows on the other side of the basement so I opened all of them and kept all doors opened to try and air some of it out but since our room is a windowless space we worked really fast.  I highly recommend fans or something along with open windows that will help you air it out, especially when you are doing such a large surface like a floor or wall.

On to the process!

As with the walls we started by applying 2 coats of primer, with an hour drying time in between.  Then we let it sit overnight, I would tell you it was to let it fully dry but that would be a lie.  It’s more like the hubs and I got into a heated battle of wall scrabble after applying the second coat, that by the time I beat him (because you know I just HAD to beat him) it was 1am.  We’re real party animals over here folks, music, wall scrabble, glass of wine, covered in paint and dust with a serious competition afoot.

The next day we were ready to apply the paint.  We started by randomly painting copper with bronze sections around the room.

We waited another hour and the hubs took over painting the second coat while I had a patina bottle in each hand and water and peroxide bottles on standby.  It’s CRITICAL you apply the patinas, water and peroxide when the second coat is wet, otherwise you won’t get the patina effect.

Here’s a shot of me duck waddling my way around the room, a spray bottle in each hand, with my stayed up til 1am playing wall scrabble then got up early and started working without coffee or a shower hair.

We worked in sections so I could amply spray everything all over the wet coat and moved our way around and out of the room.  I sprayed lots of blue and green everywhere, then came back with the water and peroxide and spritzed it around.  Then you just wait and see what happens!

The beginning of the patina process

By the next day it had patinaed beautifully and we were ready for the sealing top coats.

modern masters metallic effects floor decor diy home decor concrete design interior design gem

I applied the first coat 50/50 water and sealer as per the instructions on the can.

diy modern masters metallic effects floor gem geode teal concrete decor home decor design interior copper bronze patina

This is after 1st coat of 50/50 sealer and water, still wet.

Waited for that to dry enough I could walk on it to apply the second full strength coat.  Let it dry over the course of a couple of days to be absolutely sure it was cured and safe to walk on without ruining any of the finish.

modern masters metallic effect floor copper bronze patina concrete diy decor home decor design interior design

This is after second coat of full strength sealer, still sticky.

Here is the final product!  I wasn’t going for the gem geode look but teal, blue and green are my favorite colors so I wanted lots of that and very little brown.   I also didn’t want the crack/lines as used in the link I shared above, so I didn’t do those.

modern masters metallic effects floor diy decor home design interior design copper bronze patina concrete

Final result!

If I do it again (which I KNOW I will at some point), I think I will try to mix more of the copper and bronze with the peroxide and water to get a more mixed look, although it mixed nicely here more mixing would be awesome.  That’s the beauty of using these products, you can get so many different effects just by how you apply everything!

modern masters metallic effects floor home decor interior design copper bronze diy patina conrete

We finished it last week right before the new chandy install, so just ignore that teensy one, mkay!

Next week I’m sharing with you, all of the pieces I am using in the room including some sources of where you can find the same or similar items!  Then it’s the week we’ve all been waiting for, the final reveal!!  Only 2 more weeks to go!!!



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WWTD Dilemna: Bar Cabinet Or……

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Hey all, I’m back with another round of What Would Tina Do!  I have a tendency to think outside of the (wine) box , which is where this idea sprouted from (not a box per se I’m a more bottle girl).  Anyway see a need, figure out a creative solution to fit the need! In this case what to do with all of our barware?

Before kitchen reno, bar area

When we were renovating our kitchen 2 years ago (check out my kitchen series posts starting here)  we were eliminating our butlers pantry by opening up that wall to make it a bar space looking into our family room.

bar kitchen DIY renovation home decor boxcar countertop

Now it looks like this

Eliminating this wall left us with a small wall at the entry into the kitchen as our only option that made sense to put all of our, now homeless, barware.

It’s the little wall on the left right before the archway.  You can see how small it is with the wall ending on the left and the arch on the right.

But because of the size of the wall, putting cabinets on it didn’t make any sense and would make it feel disjointed.  I knew we needed something to hold all of our stuff so I began searching for a stand alone cabinet that would fit here, add another design element all while serving as a functional piece.

What I thought would be an easy task turned out not to be so easy.  Every cabinet I looked at was too tall, too short, too wide, too deep or too expensive.  Frustration ensued while I began brainstorming other solutions.

One particular visit to the RH Outlet (during a big sale, of course!) I had an idea to look at bathroom cabinets, yes BATHROOM cabinets!  They were taller than regular bar cabinets, skinnier and about the right depth.

We found a really pretty one that would compliment the kitchen cabinets and bring some warmth with the light wood tone, the dimensions were right and it was seriously marked down.   It was a bit of a risk but I was relatively sure it would work.

We brought it home and installed a glasses rack we had saved from demoing our bar area.  We just cut the rack in half so we could fit the narrower cabinet, screwed it to the shelf and we had a barware cabinet!  Who needs to know it was intended for a bathroom?!

bar cabinet bathroom diy solution decor storage kitchen

Yeah, we keep some basic medicine on the top shelf we’re super classy like that.  (And the only ones who can reach it are myself, my husband and our freakishly tall 5’9  13 year old)

bar cabinet diy storage solution kitchen decor

There she is in all her lovely glory!  Works for us perfectly, the drawers hold manuals for things we want to reference regularly, along with some odds and ends things so it’s nice to have that extra storage.  Where there’s a will there’s a way I always say!

Stay tuned for the next WWTD, I’ve got an awesome solution for a jewelry display to share!  (and it’s not hooks!)

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ORC Week 3: Weathered Wood Ceiling and Chandy!

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We’re at the halfway point of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home!  As a quick recap, I shared the first week which was my design for the Mom’s Oasis here and then last week I talked about how my design came together and the paint colors I chose here.  This week I am talking about our Weaber weathered wood ceiling project and chandelier installation.  Weaber Lumber is  a company that came out with a product called Weaber Weathered Wall Boards that you can find at Home Depot.  I wanted to use it because of the variety in the color of the wood and the price!  It comes out to $2.37 sq ft, peeps it doesn’t get any better than that!!  (unless you want to disassemble and refinish actual pallets, but I’m way to lazy to do that)

EEK, I’m seriously giddy about showing you guys how this turned out!! (Does anyone even say “giddy” anymore?) Read on for how we did it and the finished product!

Here’s a shot of our ceiling before, it was already painted an awful flat brown paint.  It is recommended to paint the wall underneath where you are going to install the wood as the wood pieces aren’t perfectly straight so there will be some small gaps.  Painting the drywall underneath insures it blends in with the wood.  We opted not to paint the ceiling because of the color it already was (and saving work for ourselves was a bonus).

decor ceiling weaber installation diy wood ceiling home decor

Next up was locating and marking the studs in the ceiling.  We picked up this little trick when we did our faux beams project.  We went along the ceiling with a stud finder (already knowing which way the studs were running, based on the unfinished part of our basement nearby).  Once we located where a stud was we placed a piece of painters tape in that location on the wall, then proceeded to do this all the way across.

We had purchased 7 boxes from Home Depot to do this project.  Each box comes with a nice variation in colors so mixing and matching is super easy.  We opened up a few boxes at a time and then decided what color we wanted as we went along.

weaber weathered wall diy boards decor home decor installation interior design pallet wood ceiling

Starting at the far corner we used 2 inch brad nails with our nail gun and nailed into the stud locations on the ceiling.  If the ends of any board didn’t line up with a stud we just did one nail at an angle into the end of each board to suck it up tight to the ceiling, so the ends weren’t all saggy.

weaber lumber weathered wall boards ceiling diy installation pallet wood ceiling decor home decor reclaimed

There’s no pattern here, (although I DESPERATELY wanted one) the hubs said a big fat negatory good buddy.  We (as he reminds me) needed to recognize our limitations (I’m REALLY bad at any kind of math past your basic add, subtract, multiply, divide so angles and patterns fo’get about it) and the complicated task a pattern would be, particularly on such a small ceiling.  Alas I relented and we went with the tried and true straight boards.  I think it makes the room look bigger with the way the boards are running so kind of a happy accident?!  I didn’t want to have a bunch of little pieces on either end of the room with long boards in the middle as I was going for a more organic look.  So we cut some of the boards into random sizes to use here and there instead of going along with all big and then teensy at the ends.

weaber weathered wall boards diy ceiling installation pallet wood decor home decor reclaimed

Cutting around the light fixture was pretty straightforward, we lined up the board and measured how it would lay across the junction box in the ceiling.  Using a 3 inch hole saw we just cut a hole into the location on the board we had marked!  Easy peasy.

weaber weathered wall boards diy installation pallet wood decor home decor ceiling installation reclaimed

We didn’t waste any of the boards as we used the cut pieces in there too, in fact we ended up having almost a whole box left over.  The last row we ripped down a little bit, using a table saw, because the row left was JUST under the width of the boards.  Got em up, nailed em in and TADA, finished wood ceiling!  I’m so beyond giddy (there’s that word again!) dancing excited (seriously, imagine me waist up with those super crazy dancing legs) about how it came out that I’m planning on doing the same thing in our master bedroom tray ceiling!  So stay tuned for that project coming up when this awesomesauce project is completed!

And of course, the blingy bling that is the chandy.  It’s not the same one I used in the moodboard, although VERY similar.  Moodboard chandy was out of budget and as much as I loved it, just couldn’t swing it.  I searched all over high and low and found this one from Overstock.  It had the same shape and style I was going for and was half the price of the inspiration (not to mention being on sale at 14% off and free shipping really sweetened the deal!)

weaber weathered wall boards ceiling diy installation pallet wood decor home decor chandelier reclaimed

Hooking up all of the crystals was a bit time consuming but between myself and the hubs working on it (not to mention some tunes coming through the speakers and a nice glass of chard (of course beer for him)) it didn’t seem too bad.  Next up was wiring it and taking a big step back to admire our handiwork.

weaber weathered wall boards lumber diy ceiling installation pallet wood decor home decor reclaimed wood

And that’s our progress completed for week 3!  I’m seriously so in love with this ceiling it’s kind of unnatural.  The whole project is really starting to come together, for next week we’re doing the metallic effects floor, my last big project for this challenge!

Don’t forget to check out what all of the other amazing participants are up to this week and how their projects are coming along here.  There is some seriously fantastic stuff and a boatload of inspiration!!



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ORC Week 2: See ya Carpet, Hello Making Me Blush Pink!

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Week 2 of the fantastically awesome One Room Challenge is complete and I’m having so much fun with this project it should be illegal. (If you are interested in what the 20 featured designers are up to you can check them out here!)

We’ve been hard at work on this bad boy and I seriously am DYING to share with you the progress we’ve made so far.  Today I’m going to let you in on how the whole design came together and the paint colors I ended up choosing!

When I decided I wanted to do this space as a Mom room I had to think about what it was I really wanted in this space; how did I want it to function and feel.  Instead of overthinking it too much it occurred to me it needed to feel like, well, me! What does that mean?  Color, vintage, glam, soothing and comfy.  This was my first chance to design a room solely based on what I wanted with no restrictions from the plethora of males in our home. So I was diving in head first and my diving board was the pink sofa (similar as shown in the moodboard).  I had seen it my local Home Goods over the course of a few weeks and sighed with the adoration of one looking longingly from a distance (picture me batting my eyes and a heavy sigh) every.single.time.   Although I never seriously considered it, because I had no space for it.  This project came up and OF COURSE knew this sofa was it, I was going to design the room around it (if it was still at the store)!  Mad dash it over there THE NEXT DAY, and thank the heavens above it was there!! If that weren’t enough to jump for joy, even better still, marked down 60% off since it had been there for awhile.  BOOM!  KABOOM!   It was so VERY comfy and squishy, that combined with the luxe velvet upholstery (which I would never consider elsewhere with boys in the house), a lovely pink color and acrylic turned legs it was a match made in mom cave design heaven.  Not gonna lie, I did a mini jump, click the heels move.  The hubs just chuckles and “okay then” with a little shake of the head.


With the pink lovely as my jumping point I was already thinking black and white.  Originally wallpaper with a bold pattern, then stenciling a design, then freehand and on and on.  I was all over the map with ideas spinning through my head UNTIL my girl Mary-Catheryn (incredible artist over at Copper Corners shop on Etsy or check out her IG) had this painting I had been salivating over when I stumbled upon it again, and like lightning to a radio tower I had a flash of design genius.  That painting + pink velvet sofa = perfection.

Then it was simply a matter of narrowing down the paint colors I wanted to use, incorporate some vintage and rustic elements along with some storage and a blingy chandy.  Voila Mom’s Oasis Deign Moodboard!

On to our progress!  What paint colors have I chosen and how do they look?  That my friends is the reveal part of today’s post.  I don’t really use black as a color, to be honest it was always a bit intimidating.  It’s dark and can easily read as cold and frankly, scary.  Traditionally first thought for a tiny dark space is to use a light and bright color.  I wanted to go big or go home and push myself outside of what’s expected.  So I tottered back and forth between Behr’s Cracked Pepper and Sherwin Williams Caviar.  I had several others from BM, SW and Behr but these 2 stuck out to me.  The cracked pepper looked more deep gray and the caviar is a true black.

Freshly painted SW Caviar (looks extra shiny because it’s still wet!) You can see some of my multitude of pink swatches here too.

 I opted for the Caviar and decided on an eggshell finish.  Why an eggshell finish?  Because of the lack of natural light I wanted to have a bit of a sheen to help reflect the light from the chandy, but not so much sheen that it was wet looking ala waxed car shine, not to mention the imperfections that a high sheen paint shows.  Eggshell has a nice subtle sheen without being too flashy.  The caviar also gave me a surprising benefit, the black paint highlighted the 10 foot ceiling and made the room look BIGGER!  Amazing what some trickery with paint will do.

Oops paint on the top, SW Charming Pink on the bottom

Now for the pink.  I actually custom mixed this color!  I had tried a few SW swatches of various shades of pinks, even one that ended up reading a little purpley but I didn’t like any of them.  The one that I did like was SW Charming Pink.  In the dark room it was pink but a really light pink and looked great with the black.  BUT, I was a little nervous it looked too baby pink.  I decided to give it a try and purchase some anyway if I hated it I would re-evaluate and try something else.  While waiting for the guy at Home Depot to color match my SW Caviar and SW Charming Pink I took a gander at the oops shelf.  There sat a pretty very soft blush pink in a matte finish.  It was similar to the charming pink but warmer and softer.  The whole gallon was $9 and the guy said it was an accidental mix and wasn’t even an actual color.  I liked it so much that I thought I would try some different variations of mixing it with the Charming Pink to see if I liked it better than the CP by itself.  Took it all home and tested out the oops paint on the wall, too dark alone and not pink enough.

This is in the darker lighting of the room, you can really see the difference between the 2.  Oops on the left CP on the right.

Tried 50-50 and it was just about perfect so that’s how I rolled!  Mixed just under 50% of the oops paint with a bit more than 50% of the Charming Pink and I had the perfect soft but warm, adult blush pink color.  I’m calling it “Making Me Blush” by yours truly.  And by mixing a matte finish with an eggshell finish I still got a very subtle sheen that nicely compliments the black sheen.

My mix of Making Me Blush Pink!  More pink than the oops and wamer/softer than the CP.

My Making Me Blush Pink mix up next to the Caviar black.  The ceiling was the original color on the walls, you can see the huge difference!

And I can’t forget the fun part of ripping out the awful carpet! It was stained from craft paint spills with chunks of dried glue stuck in it. Pulling it up and getting it out of there made a big difference all by itself. The tack strips were attached to the concrete by nails only 1 or 2 per strip and were easily pulled up with a hammer.

So now you are up to speed with the freshly painted walls and clean concrete flooring ready for some beautification!

Next week I’m planning on the Weaber weathered  wood ceiling project and chandy installation.  We’re coming along nicely folks!

The other fantabulous guest participants are all linked up here, so check em out and see what progress is happenin!

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Rugs, Rugs Everywhere!!

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I am a rug fanatic, I love em all and I love em everywhere!  Rugs can be the base of your room design or a nice complement, it’s shape, size, style and colors all factor into the versatility that is the area rug.

They ground a room, which is especially important when you have an open floor plan.  The difficulty with designing an open floor plan comes when all of your furniture is divided into different “rooms” but there isn’t anything defining those spaces so it all just feels like it’s floating.   Rugs anchor it all and help provide those distinct spaces with boundaries without using walls (cause there aren’t any!). Without them in these spaces there is no definition, now if that’s the look you are going for then rock on and forget the rest of this post!  If not, let’s touch on some guidelines for rug sizes shall we?

Here I have an 8ft round on top of 2 black cowhide rugs from Ikea.  The round rug balances all of the rectangle shaped furniture and the cowhides spread out and ground the furniture while also contrasting with the round rug.  You can see the sofas and chair overlap just a little bit.

 Size of a rug depends solely on the size of the space you want a rug and how much furniture you plan to use around/on it.  First I decide how I want my furniture arranged, then pick a rug size.  Why?  Because I prefer having just part of the furniture on the rug, typically the front legs and I do this for 2 reasons.  1. It connects the space visually together and gives your eye a continuity between the floor and furniture reading as one cohesive space.  2. It keeps the rug from moving around (particularly if you have hardwoods or other slippery surface flooring).

Here’s a shot of our basement family room, there’s wall to wall carpeting down here that’s beige.  I put a big gray and cream rug here and it really adds some fun to an otherwise dull space.

 But you have carpet?  That’s ok, you can still have a rug!  Carpet doesn’t serve a design or decor purpose for most of us, it’s just for softness and comfort underfoot.  Since it’s a permanent and expensive flooring it’s the rare risk taker who goes big with it.  I’ve never seen a “pretty” carpeting, (unless you want to talk stair runners with fabulous faux print).  Keep the carpet but take advantage of the floor as an opportunity to make a statement!  Rugs can easily be switched out and/or rotated as they aren’t a permanent choice and you can find them relatively inexpensively!  So you can go big and bold with amazing pattern, bold colors, vintage or modern styles, there are so many fantastic options out there,

Now that we’ve covered that rugs are acceptable literally everywhere,  let’s talk about some pretty rugs at various price points and where to find them!

The stuff my rug dreams are made of!  This beauty is the Brilliant Poppies Rug from Anthropologie and with that epic gorgeousness comes a hefty price tag of $598 for a 5×8 and up to $$$$ for the larger sizes. One day she will be mine, either when I win the lottery or it goes on super clearance, until then my love!

More subtle and yet so luxurious and interesting is the Malachite Rug from Anthropologie.  This too is on the spendier side at $598 for a 5×8 and up.  Larger sizes are a bit less expensive than the Poppies Rug though

Love the color combo on this one and the bold graphic pattern.  This is the Hand Tufted Trellis Rug, also from Anthropologie and only currently has smaller sizes available, the largest is the 5×8 at you guessed it $598!

               Some budget friendlies are these from Overstock and RugsUSA.  This is the Nuloom Jute Chevron Rug, and an 8×10 is on sale now for $227!  Great as a stand alone or for layering!

Can’t get enough of this bright meets vintage lovely!  From RugsUSA (they always  have GREAT prices and offer free shipping!) this is the Chroma Mosaic Medallion Rug in Pink ringing in at only $321 for an 8×11!

This one is just fun and funky with subtle coloring, perfect for a more subdued space where it will add some funk without being overpowering.  From RugsUSA it’s the Thomas Paul Fabled Whale Rug and at only $150 for a 6×9 it’s an awesome price!

I would remiss if I didn’t mention and share a few from World Market, as they have a great selection at good prices.  This is the Ivory Morrocan Style Wedding Rug, a 5×8 is $229.99.  Sign up to be a WM member (it’s free!) and you get access to coupons (free shipping!) and sales AND earn $$ back on purchases.  I’ve saved so much money from it!

I have this one in my entryway and I LOVE it.  It’s so much brighter in person (check out my instagram eclectic_twist for pics of it IRL).  It’s the World Market Boho Kilim Alina area rug and a 5×8 is $199.99  (again, check out and watch for sales!! They happen often here!)

  These are just a few of the many awesome rugs available at these different sites.  A few brick and mortar stores great for rugs are of course, my always go to fave; Home Goods and Ikea is a good place to check out too!

 Happy Rug shopping!!

 As a side note, my next ORC post is coming up on Wednesday  (linked to callingithome.com on Thursday)!!  I’m sharing paint color choices and our little bit of demo (who doesn’t love tearing stuff up?!)  It’s coming along SO perfectly peeps!!


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One Room Challenge Week 1: Mom’s Oasis, The Design!!

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I can’t tell you how excited I am to share that I’m guest participating in the One Room Challenge, (ORC)this season for the first time!  It’s a biannual, 6 week room transformation hosted by the lovely Linda at Calling It Home and is consists of a group of 20 designers and any guest participants that want to make over a room! We share the process from design ideas or moodboard to (hopefully) completion of the project for the final reveal on week 6.

I’ve been having a blast designing a space in our home that has been rather neglected and forgotten about and I hope to have an amazing space to call my very own when it’s complete! That’s right peeps, I am creating my very own Mom’ Only Clubhouse, the Mom Haven, the Mom Cave, the Mom’s Casa and You’re Not Invited, the Save Me From My Kids Retreat.  My own space where I can relax, gasp actually READ a book!  Maybe even do some work or enjoy a glass (3/4 bottle) of wine.

This little room, emphasis on little, is a whopping 64ish sq ft.  It’s only 7’6 by 8’6 in size with a 10ft ceiling.  Tiny is a good word to use and until now it hasn’t had much of a purpose.  The house’s original plans (which we snagged when we were doing our kitchen reno) show it designated as a wine cellar, however it’s carpeted with a big closet that goes under the stairs.  I wouldn’t use it as a wine room, although I do enjoy myself some wine, I am never going to buy enough to need a room to stash it in cause *cough, cough* I drink it.  Alas, we had this tiny awkward room that wasn’t big enough to make a real space out of.   It was a makeshift craft room for my daughter for a couple of years, hence the awful stained carpet from paints and glue.  Then I put our daybed (that we “expertly” crafted with our own hands) in here for our best effort at a guest room.  I had some leftover drapes that matched the bedding on the daybed so I hung those and put up an old mini chandelier I had from our previous house and voila a “guest room”.  Except no one ever wanted to stay in there because it was scary, and small and SO dark.  At least it looked halfway decent when you walked by though!

 Here it is as our “guest room”


Then this awesomesauce challenge came up and I KNEW this is what it was meant to be!  Let’s be honest, what mom gets a space all to herself?  Even the bathroom isn’t off limits.  If I run in there to pee and the door doesn’t latch shut, even the DOGS push it open and lay down to join me.  Really, I have no peace.  Not anymore my friends, now is the time I create myself a space and do WHATEVER it is I want. So I dove in with ideas and folks, I’m LOVIN it and I hope you do too.  I want to inspire you to create your own spaces that give you that no kid’s fly zone!

I’ve got big plans that include ripping out carpet, doing a reclaimed wood treatment on the ceiling, 2 paint colors and some fabulous furniture.  All of this will be done DIY style and on a tight budget.  A budget of $2000, which seems substantial enough but starting fresh we’ll see how it goes!

This is the plan.

A PINK velvet sofa (entire room was designed around this badass piece!), brass, acrylic, a vintage chandy, black, blush pink and metallic floors.  Oh YEAH, chicka chicka, bum bum. (ferris bueller anyone?) Glam meets rustic meets modern meets vintage, in short Eclectic!  I love a mix of styles, materials and textures and this room is no different.  I want to feel like I’m in the lap of luxury but grounded enough to be cozy, comfy and inviting.

So without further ado, here is what I have to work with.  This is the room after I cleared everything out.

Sad, I know.  Flat brown paint, dark with no natural light, one outlet and VERY little square footage.  I mean one wall is just doors for cryin out loud.

There you have it!  There isn’t much to show yet it really is that small but I am beyond excited to get started and I can’t wait to share with you all how it goes and what does (and doesn’t) work, wish me luck.

Stay tuned for week 2 (post up Wednesday/linked to ORC Thursdays!) for some progress towards the overall design when I share the paint colors and ripping out the awful carpet!

Check out all of the other ahhhmazing participants and see what they’ve got going on!  So much design love going on!!



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My Top 10 Quick and Easy Freshen It Up Tips!

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You may have noticed that I tend to change things up…. A LOT.  In the spirit of spring, bright colors and change, I thought I would share with you my top 10 favorite tips and tricks for freshening things up for little or NO money!

1.   Something as simple as rearranging the furniture can make a space feel brand new!  It sounds so basic and obvious but how many of us actually think about it and take the time to try it?  When I have a room that is feeling boring that’s the first thing I consider.  Where and how can I change things in here to make it feel better?  Works every time!


2.   Consider taking pieces from other spaces and using them in a new way!  Cute nightstand but bored of it in the bedroom?  Use one as a side table in the living room or vice versa, use a side table as a night stand!  How about taking that bench from the entryway and using it in the dining room at your table?  Console table behind your couch not serving much of a purpose, move it to a hallway for added storage.  Sky is the limit here!

3.   We’ve rearranged and moved things around but still want a bit of a punch?  Pick up a few new pillows or a throw from TJ Maxx, Target or shop online!  Throw pillows are easy to change, add a pop of color and/or pattern and are inexpensive.  I keep a “store” of pillows and throws that I switch out when I’m feeling like I need an oomph.

Here I’ve changed the room using #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #9 and #10

4.   Want some new artwork to brighten up those walls?  I’ve shared some DIY ideas in previous posts but another favorite of mine is framing your favorite artwork done by your kids.  You’ll never tire of it, it’s completely personalized and best of all it’s free!  Pick up a couple of cheap frames (I LOVE Ikea frames and always have a stash of new ones in various sizes) and pop in some of their beautiful pieces.  Vintage posters, wallpaper pieces and wrapping paper are  more of my fave ideas for artwork.

Another idea for new artwork (I shared previously) is using Ikea frames and pretty thank you cards!

5.   Rugs.  This is a whole other post in itself but my secret here is the same as #1, if you have more than a couple, rotate them.  If you have a small budget and want something new try Rugs USA.  They always have great discounts and free shipping with a HUGE selection!  Just like accessories a rug can make or break a room.  But what if you have carpet?  Do a RUG!  It grounds the room and adds visual interest as a base to the rest of your decor.

6.  Paint.  Depending on how much or how little work you want to undertake, you can paint the walls.  Or if you’re like me, painting the walls in my main living spaces isn’t an option (the entire space took us 5 days last time) so look at small projects that make a big impact.  Coffee table looking drab, give it a light sanding and slap some fun on it!  Go for a pattern or a color that will give your room a jolt, it will instantly liven up the rest of your furniture with little to no investment other than a little bit of your time and a bit of paint.

This is where I placed those pink chairs from before!  I used #1, #3 and #8

7.  Rearrange the artwork!  I’ve shared some artwork ideas with you already but what about what you already have?  Move those pieces around.  I regularly rotate art around the house and it’s like they are new again.  Have you ever noticed when something sits in the same place for an extended period you just don’t really notice it anymore?  Placing it in a new location helps to combat that, take the piece or photo you’ve had over the fireplace forever and put something from another room here!  That mantel piece now seems new in another location and the piece you placed over the mantel feels new!

8.   Declutter.  This one is more about appreciating and noticing what you have.  We tend to gather and collect things and not notice what’s around us.  Set aside a little bit of time to go through what you have and whether you still love it or not, then you can decide where to place things to get the most out of them.

9.   Drapes.  I have a stash with my pillows and throws and regularly switch them out, at least seasonally.  I get bored and want it to look fresh and bright, or cozy and warm (depending on the weather).   You can pick up drapes on the cheap at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ikea or online.  If you’re handy you can make your own by picking out fabric and either sewing, or using no sew tape that you  can iron, to make custom drapes for less!

Here is our entryway now!  I used #1, #2, #3, #5, #7 and #10

10.  Fresh flowers.  This one seems too simple to mention but it’s worth it.  I am a huge advocate of fresh flowers and the ambiance they give a room.  I always pick up fresh flowers every other week at either Costco or my local grocery store in the floral clearance section.  You can get quite a bit of flowers for very little money this way.  I once spent $26 and got 5 vases of bouquets.  Pick up what feels seasonal and inviting.  Right now for spring I’m going for tulips, light colored roses and greenery!

These are my big secrets for switching things up and falling in love with everything I already have all over again.

Love where you live and make it you!

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What Would Tina Do? Paint the Ugly Frames!

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I’m starting a fun new series called “What Would Tina Do?”  and it’s going to focus on how I would update/change items around the home, items that you can buy really cheaply and how to think outside the box.

First up in this super fun series are some frames that have been bugging me for a long while.  I bought these paintings (all originals) all from Home Goods over the course of a few years and while I love the paintings I hated the frames.  They felt cheaply “antique” .  I am not a big fan of new items that are made to look old.  On top of that they overpowered the artwork, the frames took more attention from the eye than the actual paintings.  I always meant to paint them, but alas, time got a hold of me and I never got around to it.

Not today my friends, I have been on a painting binge and these bad boys did not escape my attention.  I went around the house and pulled every one off the wall and prepared to paint them.

First we had to remove the canvas from the frames and since these were nailed or stapled in we ended up deciding the easiest and least damaging way of removing them was by using a file and just prying or popping them out the back.  It ended up working perfectly, not damaging the frames or the pieces themselves.

Then I took them outside and painted them with a few coats of Rustoleum Spray Chalk Paint in Linen White.  It ended up taking almost 4 cans of paint in a few even coats to get them all done. (This pic shows how I first started, with them on a tarp but I quickly decided this wasn’t ideal, as any breeze would blow the tarp and grass bits around.  We set up our saw horses and put some old sheets of plywood we had stashed in the garage on top to make a makeshift table.  This worked SO much better!)

(This pic was mid way through the painting process, right before I put them up on the saw horse table)

Once dry we placed the paintings back in their frames and stapled them back in with a staple gun. TIP:  Make sure you pay attention to which way the painting is facing in conjunction with where the hanging tabs are on the back!

Voila, brand new frames that allow the art to shine while providing a subtle compliment!

They look so much better and now I see the paintings much more than the frames.  A quick, easy and inexpensive change that makes a big difference!  I’m telling ya, a can of spray paint gives you a completely new piece so stock a few in the basement for those quick DIY change ups!

Keep your eyes peeled for my next “What Would Tina Do” post!  Do you have any quick and easy DIY ideas you would like to share?  I’d love to hear about them!

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Our New “Mint to Be” Ikea Applaro Outdoor Sofa and Fuschia Ikea Loungers!!

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We have had the Ikea Applaro outdoor sectional and loungers for a few years now and although I LOVE Ikea, the finish on these missed the mark.  Let me start with what I love about it.  We have several pieces including 2 footstools which makes this a very versatile piece of furniture.  Every summer we rework it depending on what we liked or didn’t like about our furniture arrangement the year before.  It makes it feel like new every year.  But, the finish was wearing off EVERYWHERE.  It looked rough, really rough.

Pic from last year you can see some of the weathering on the sides and back

Pic from last year of the loungers you can see weathering on the finish and the plant stand before

The loungers were equally as bad, if not worse.  The finish had all but worn off and left whitish/gray wood that was not appealing to the eye.

So I decided on a whim to try painting the sectional and loungers.  They were looking so bad we debated getting rid of it all and buying new patio furniture but I didn’t want to spend the money on a new set, (outdoor furniture is expensive!) and I really loved the layout options I had with this one. I had an idea of the colors I wanted to use so we ran to Lowe’s and picked out 2 colors from the Sherwin Williams HGTV home paint line.   We went with “Mint to be” and “Hibiscus”.  The “Hibiscus” fuschia was a definite risk but one I was willing to take, it’s fun it’s bright and it coordinates nicely with the “Mint to be” and cushions I already had from World Market that I picked up on clearance last year.

Before sanding

Step one, move everything into the yard and sand sand sand.  Hubs and I both took a hand sander and starting sanding every inch of all 10 pieces of furniture, 8 pieces for the sectional and the 2 loungers.  It took us an hour and a half to 2 hours to get it all cleaned up.   After all the sanding, which included all of the sides, seats, backs, legs and undersides we busted out our K9III dryer (dog dryer that is the bomb!) and blew off all of the dust left from the sanding to get all the pieces as clean as possible (you can use a leaf blower to do this or wipe it all down by hand).   This went quickly and did a great job!

After sanding and blowing off the dust

Next up was laying out a bunch of cardboard we had left over from the shipping of our faux beams.  We opened up all the boxes, flattened them and laid out the pieces of the sectional upside down.  We decided to start that way for a couple of reasons.  One, it gave us a little leeway for working the paint sprayer, in case the paint came out too heavy you wouldn’t see it and we could adjust it.  And the second reason, we could get a nice even finish on the top and let it completely dry sitting upright without risking messing anything up by flipping it over to do the underside later.

Then it was time to prime and use the sprayer.  We have had this for quite awhile and don’t use it as often as we should.  It’s the Wagner paint sprayer and we bought it from Home Depot for spraying a porch at our former house, some 6 years ago.  I don’t see our exact model available anymore but we love it. (We used the Sherwin Williams Exterior All Weather paint.)  We got the sprayer ready to go, primed and ready to paint.  It took us a few minutes to adjust the nozzle to the right spray amount but once we did we got the underside of the 8 pieces painted in 15-20 minutes.  One of the great things about living in a super dry climate is paint dries FAST.  By the time we made it down the line and made a second sweep for even coverage the pieces we started with were dry and we could flip them over.  Halfway through the process we RAN OUT OF PAINT.  Classic mistake and one I always seem to make.  We had bought 2 gallons thinking it would be enough, well I made a mad dash back to Lowes and had 2 more gallons mixed up while the hubs wrapped the ends of the sprayer in saran wrap to keep it from drying out and clogging up.  Good thing I bought 2 more because we ended up using 3 1/2 gallons to get the whole thing painted.  The wood took the paint incredibly well and I expect it will last for quite some time.

At this point we cleaned out the sprayer and left the sectional to dry overnight.  The next morning it was dry and looked incredible and brand spankin new!

After drying overnight we started placing it all back on the patio!!

Isn’t it so purdy?!

Post sanding and cleaning, ready for paint

Then we focused on the loungers, I had picked up 2 gallons for those as well.  Same process as the sectional, sand, clean, prime the sprayer and away we go.  We let those dry during an entire sunny day (handpainted the wheels which took longer than spraying both of the loungers!).  We ended up using all 2 gallons!

After finishing second coat of Hibiscus paint

Don’t they look so much better?!

Now that the furniture was looking so spiffy and snazzy, my old planter stand (which I had wanted to paint for a few years now) was looking extra sad.  So back to Home Depot I went and picked out a pink that was similar to the Hibiscus on the loungers and I painted that baby!  I used Rustoleum gloss berry pink and it looks lovely.  It pops against the house and ties in with the pink from the loungers and really makes it feel fun.  While I was at it I had an apple and dog that needed painting so gloss berry pink they became!  My son came out mid painting of the planter and I said “hey, what do you think?”  and he says “MOM!! Why are you painting everything pink?!”  He apparently doesn’t like pink because it’s a “girl color,” he’ll come around.


I have some finishing touches left to do on the patio, I need a bigger rug for the sectional area (our old one had burn holes from the fire table in it, yikes), some new pillows, some fresh plants in pots and can’t forget all of our landscaping growing in but it’s looking fun and fresh and lively and happy.

Total spent for the entire project:

Paint Sprayer – free we already own it

Sandpaper and Sanders – free already had on hand

4 gallons of Sherwin Williams Exterior Semi Gloss “Mint to Be” paint – $164

2 gallons of Sherwin Williams Exterior Semi Gloss “Hibiscus” paint – $82

4 cans of Rustoleum Gloss Berry Pink Spray Paint – $14

All accessories, pillows, rugs, etc I already owned – free

Total Spent $260

For an entirely new look and what amounts to all new furniture, not too shabby!  A little DIY, some elbow grease, a weekend and a little bit of $ is all you need for a whole new space!

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Spring Home Tour!

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I’ve been busy folks, busy arranging, rearranging and then re-rearranging.  I’ve been purging and buying and switching and moving and grooving.  Well I work best with music, what can I say?!  I needed a change and some quirk in the universe led me down that path of change.  I wasn’t looking to make BIG changes or move things around, maybe just the usual artwork pieces and pillows and switching of rugs but a chain of events occurred that had other plans.

Yep, that’s a mini growler acting as a vase for the lovely tulips I picked up at Costco, along with an old atlas, vintage bell and some other cuties on the coffee table!

It all started when my bestie told me about a traveling flea market that was coming to town and that we should go.  Umm, are you kidding me?!  No way was I missing that.  I ended up finding a few things that were super fun and inexpensive.  A small piece of old original artwork, an old ladder, metal basket, a chicken feeder and can’t forget the pretty sunflower vase piece.  So much fun and so much great stuff!

Then I got notified of a 50% off at the Restoration hardware outlet sale!!  They’ve never had a 50% off outlet price sale before and I needed to get some sheets and towels.  Of course I had to make the trip, what crazy person wouldn’t?  We ended up finding a ridiculously awesome coffee table (been kicking around the idea of getting something different as our round one is so wide it takes up a ton of room and with 2 couches it was a bit much) for over 80% off!

Then by some miracle there was an old bowling set that I had seen there the last time I was down (a month or so prior) and I HAD to get it.  I had been thinking about it ever since and at an extra 50% off it was a great deal.  A lady came up to me at the register, turns out she had been stalking the store waiting to see if the bowling set that was on hold was going to be bought because she came to the store, JUST FOR THAT.  I felt kinda bad buying it but she said “don’t feel bad, I wouldn’t!”

As we were heading to the register my hubs pointed at a light fixture and said “this would be cool very Harry Potter” now I didn’t like that fixture but I did like the idea.  I turned around and there she was this incredible industrial meets modern meets brass and white globe beauty.  In my head it was absolute perfection for the kitchen island, but I couldn’t remember exact dimensions so I was a smidge uncertain as to specifics but that image, it was meant to be.  Hubs loved it but was not sold on it for the kitchen island, “trust me” I say, “just trust me”.  Still with some serious hesitation in his voice and a side glance he says “ok” and I run to the register and buy it before someone else can snatch it up.

So I’ve got quite the haul now and I need to start working with things to put it all together, but first there’s another big sale I found out about.  A big barn/warehouse sale from a local store that sells all kinds of things from antiques to decorative items.  They’re spendy so I NEVER buy anything in the store but this warehouse sale is something else, according to bestie (mentioned earlier).  I love their stuff and if they have my level pricing (always looking for a bargain) we’re in business.  So we made a date of it and left the hubs at home with our 4 kids and her 1 kid and away we went.  We were there all of 10 minutes before I had to call him in for reinforcements.  The line was HUGE and we had to carry our stuff around.  I made them come stand in line so we could look and help us carry our amazing awesomeness that was our purchases.  Isn’t that what husbands and kids are for?!

Before they arrived I had seen this super cool ginormous metal sign but I thought it was marked at $595 which is WAY over my budget so sadly I moved on.  When the fam arrived and took over our spot in line I walked by it and sighed “too bad it’s $595”  and bestie says “no it isn’t”  Me double taking “WHAAAAA”  She finds the tag it’s less than half of that!  OMG, me frantically waving at the hubs and pointing jumping up and down.  He comes over, me “look look do you like???”  as I drool all over the floor, and he really liked it.  I ran down a lady working there and said put my name on that!  So long story short, I had another haul, albeit a smaller one (unless you count the return trip for the 10 foot by 4 foot sign) so now the house is a disaster because for a week I found all of this increable (trying my best french accent here) stuff and hadn’t had time to place it.

Which leads me to the best part!  The reveal!!  I spent a good 3 days putting things up for sale we had already decided to part with, hanging and placing everything I bought and already had and just having some fun with the music playing and the wine glass in my hand. (not the whole of 3 days, wine just in the later parts of the day with coffee in the earlier of course)

First up, the ahhmazeballs light fixture from the RH outlet, turned out to be the perfect size and fit and I LURVE it!!  It surprisingly makes the kitchen feel bigger and more open and gives off WAY more light than the 3 mini chandeliers did.

Don’t fret, I love those mini chandys too and already had planned to put them in our closet (where there were super cheapos hanging with plastic cloudy “crystals” that I hated for years).  They look perfecto!

Family room shows the new coffee table off which fits SO much better and gives us additional storage that’s hidden that we didn’t have before.  We have the kids board games and remotes, magazines etc in here and I love the change in texture as it’s entirely wrapped in zinc.   There’s also a new rug, round, I know!  I never thought of round before because we have such a large space but this 8 foot diameter lovely works perfectly.  I do have ideas about a larger flat weave rug underneath with some color, cause you know me I have to have color. (but that’s a later post)

I decided to move our metal console table up here and put it behind the chesterfield, it’s got much more storage for our laptops and drinks along with some cute display shelves.  We put the reclaimed wood blue one that was here down behind the sofa downstairs, much better fit.

The shelves all got re-styled as we moved out the big display cabinet we had in here, one of the pieces we decided to sell.  And it opened up a huge wall space where we hung the awesome vintage sign!  The walkway is more open, the whole room feels bigger and it gives the perfect primo location for that sign front and center.

The entry got a mini makeover too.  We were on a mission to replace the rug in the family room, that darn thing is super cute and I love the colors and design but has been a pain in the buttuckus since day one and we are on 18 months of use.  It sheds CONSTANTLY, if I don’t vacuum daily or every other it looks like it snowed….in the house.  World Market was having a big rug sale so we checked them out.  We decided to try 2 rugs layered over each other and they were way to small and I hated it, but I loved the top rug.  I decided to try it in the entry and it was where it needed to be.  It makes such a difference and it’s what’s been missing there the whole time.  Also in the entry is the old painting I picked up at the traveling flea market, the green ball is from the warehouse sale, and the metal basket holds the antique bowling set.

At the end of the hallway is the cute daisy vase piece and it adds a nice pop of color to the space, especially since it’s dark with no natural light.  Next to it are some of my vintage book collections books and an old (I mean OLD) german family bible.

And the dining room sideboard got a freshening up with my orchids, an antler, some of my vintage book collection and the brass antler tray with pinecones!  It looked so bare before but feels more filled in in all the right ways.

That’s what I’ve got for now!  Until I make more changes that is.

Here’s a shot of our upper shelving area in the family room, I put my rusty mirrored star up there along with the hubs grandfather’s surveyor’s scope and a few other decorative items.  I’m really loving the way it looks and fills the shelves without being too much.

Are you making spring changes or doing a spring refresh?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on refreshing and what you do in your homes!



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