About Me

Hi and I’m so glad you’re here!  A little intro about yours truly……Tina Bousu’s the name and I’m a SAHM blue hair don’t care mama of 4 human kids and 4 of the canine variety.  I am a passionate design lover that’s addicted to constantly updating and adapting areas of not only my home but those of friends, family and the occasional acquaintance.  I believe our homes should reflect who we are but also be beautiful and make us feel totally and completely “at home,” whatever that looks like for you.  As a side note, I’m also a homeschooler (with the hubs’ help) which keeps life interesting and a little or alotta cra cra (sometimes with the thought of “what the hell am I thinking?!”)

Design/decor is my big passion, along with DIY projects, saving $$ without sacrificing style and of course, spending time with my fam.  I’m always either working on my next project or on ideas for my next project, much to the hubs chagrin!   I also love to toss in the occasional self empowerment posts or just chat about what’s happenin in life right now.  So grab a cup of joe or perhaps a beverage of the adult variety as I hope you find something interesting, inspiring or just entertaining here.  Thanks for the visit and hope to have you again very soon!